The ACH Core Brand Values

The overt and expressed brand values of the Hotel are:


The Hotel experience elicits, inspires  and provokes exploration at every turn. The journey of sensory discovery is an inimitable adventure that transports guests to an extraordinary journey in life. At every step of the way,  guests are invited to taste, see, feel, sip, hear, do and try something wonderfully new, just so they can unlock the experiential reality of something they have never known.



Needless to say, the Hotel is a  relentless pursuer of excellence, newness and originality; hallmarks of our 'Discoverer' target audience.  The Hotel  leaves no stone unturned in piquing the   interest of its guest to seek absorbing, fascinating, enthralling and riveting experiences.  Increase in appetite has grown by what it fed on. Our 'Discoverer' guests will always want to discover pleasures forevermore.



To  be original is to be of a creative turn of  mind. To be creative calls for divergent thinking. Divergent thinking is required for originality. For the seeds of originality to thrive and flourish calls for bravado, boldness, gravitas and a penchant to push the boundaries of comfort. The Hotel is fearless, dauntless and unrestrained in its push to help guests experience newness at every opportunity.



In the deep-delved chambers of the hotel are echoes and embraces of 'Ghanaianness'. This 'Ghanaianism' is the Hotel's distinctive focalisation and point of view; its official gateway, and the expert on what is special about the country for guests seeking an undiscovered and effortless path of discovery.



Just like its target guest, the Hotel is  a free-spirit; an independent-minded entity that is proud to be utterly and unashamedly original and unmistakable.  Guests can always be sure   of having a unique and fabulously fascinating options to help them make the most out of their time and their trip to and through Ghana - once-in-a-lifetime experiences that make their stay their very own.



The Hotel is a fountain of energy, an ocean of sensory delights and experiences, and a refreshing departure from the drudgery of life.


The Hotel is all about re-energising its guests, helping them uncover new bursts of energy, inspiration, effervescence, creativity and innovativeness.



Barnes Road

PO BOX 12720



Tel: +233 (0) 30 263 3863 - Fax: +233 (0) 30 266 7533




GPS. N 5° 33' 10.59'' W 0° 12' 14.86''

Location & access



From the Kotoka International Airport of Ghana, Accra take Independence Avenue, then follow Barnes road until the hotel.


Free shuttle service on request.


Private outdoor parking

Private enclosed outdoor parking



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